A terrible crime has been committed.

Boys and girls, beginning at birth, have been mistakenly identified.

Wrongly identified, they are set on a dangerous course.

Bodies, minds and souls are more at risk.

This blog, by way of thoughts, stories, shared experiences, observations and reasonable conclusions will attempt to solve…

the Case of Mistaken Identity.

If, after reading these posts, you are still mystified by the case of mistaken identity, please visit Our Identity Matters.


Hello!  My name is Linda Bartlett.  I am a helper.  Encourager.  Listener.  Author.  Speaker.  Doodler.  Mentor of biblical womanhood.  #1 fan of biblical manhood.  Struggling Saint and Sinner.  Sojourner.  Friend.  Daughter.  Sister.  Aunt.  Wife.  Mother.  Grandmother.  Nester.  Advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves.  Daughter of God in Christ Jesus.  Rebel against evil.  Ezerwoman.  Believer that our identity matters… because God says.

It is my prayer that this blog helps us see children–young and old–the way that God sees them.  “I have called you by name,” God says.  “You are mine.”


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